Wheel Blocks

Wheel Blocks

No welds and no casting structural design concept behind Flexcrane wheel block design patented system.
US Design Patent D875,506 and EU PT Design Patent no. 4541.
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End carriages

Crane end carriages based on wheel blocks

Build crane end carriages without any welds using wheel blocks structural core components and sheet metal body parts. Unique and simple sheet metal design assuring precise geometry that does not require milling machining.

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Push or motor-driven trolleys

Smart trolley design and travelling smart drives with state-of-the-art patented technology for safe handling operation. Under US patent number 9957139.

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Main features

Simplifying Materials Handling Technology.

Geometry precision

Geometry precision assembly assuring wheel axis parallelism and therefore low wear on wheel.

Box and hollow section construction

Structural hollow section hybrid construction combines high structural stiffness with light weight design.

Fast maintenance service

Zero tools for the super fast service in the market. Box design and standard linch pins assure trolley assembly integrity. Wheel blocks designed with multi-functional peepholes for fast wheel inspection service.

High resistance

High resistance steel grade wheels assures small dimensions, high load capacities and low wear. Wheel blocks and trolleys are designed with high quality, fully sealed and maintenance free ISO standard bearings to assure worldwide service availability.