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Speed up your product design and keep ahead of your competition by accessing to advanced materials handling technology.

Our Mission

Invest and share advanced engineered and innovative modular solutions for load carrying and materials handling systems.

What we Do

Design engineered solutions based on Flexcrane state-of-the art patented and patent-pending solutions for materials handling systems, including cranes, gantry cranes, jibs, tracks, conveyor systems, lifting devices and Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).

Flexcrane girder system key points

Innovative girder design for single or double girder crane or conveyor systems allowing extreme low headroom and compact design.


Girder construction concept based on assembly of separate structural elements. Girders can be assembled on site. Easy to handle and ship.

Modular concept

Same structural elements can build both Ω or I section girder shapes. Up-gradable hybrid construction with interchangeable components.


Contrary to traditional steel shapes lightweight cranes, the Flexcrane sheet metal bending, laser cut and non-welded manufacturing design concept allows full surface corrosion protection, lower manufacturing costs and stock economy and versatility.

Multi-patented System

Flexcrane® systems are protected both by state-of-the art pending patents and design patents. Such patents refer to inventions that smartly solve specific technological problems for lightweight materials handling systems.

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Overload brake for trolley

An overload brake and method for trolley suspended on a flange of a load traveling apparatus girder prevents the displacement movement of a suspended load along a girder by clamping a brake between two symmetrical flange tabs of the girder. The girder is elastically deformed by the load which is applied to the girder by the contact between a surface of the girder and translation wheels that move the load along the girder. Upon sufficient elastic deformation, portions of the girder contact a brake to prevent movement of the load along the girder.
US patent number 9,957,139.

Constructive system

Construction system of metallic beams, composed of interchangeable structural elements, interconnected without being subjected to welding techniques. The load capacity of the beam is increased by the addition of reinforcing structural elements that are housed inside beam elements, forming a hybrid section, applicable as structural element of cranes, gantry cranes, mono-rails, conveyors, crane runways or tracks and storage structural systems which serve as fixed or movable support, either in a straight or curved linear form, suspended or supported.

Patented Design

patended girder system web

Our Back Story

25 years providing advanced engineered solutions for load handling at the workplace and material flow in production or storage.

The team behind Flexcrane has the technical expertise dedicated to the development of engineering design, software and technical solutions for the materials handling industry, specialized metallic structures, power and controls for lifting equipment.

Only highly specialized technicians provide support to the services and products available here.