Jib cranes

Flexcrane system is an innovative modular multi-functional structural system able to build bracket jib cranes with horizontal rotation up to 270º. Wall-mounted slewing jibs do not require no floor space. Flexcrane jibs can be mounted on concrete walls & pillars, metallic columns or directly on machinery. Wall-mounted Flexcrane slewing jibs are suitable for all industries and they can carry a load or equipment up to 800 kg.

Flexcrane girder system key points:
> Smart modular assembly arrangements.
> Lightweight.
> Upgradable.
> Stainless steel or high resistance steel grade.
> Ω or I section shape arrangement.
> Hybrid construction.
> Under or top running construction.
> Low headroom or lattice girder construction.
> Single or double girder construction.
> Interchangeable components.
> Full surface higly durable powder coating protection.

Advanced features include:
> Maintenance free plain bearings.
> Jib rod length can be adjusted to compensate the jib deflection under load.
> Jib crane bracket low headroom design.

Load capacity and span range for Flexcrane jib cranes:
> Safe working load starting from 125kg up to 800kg
> Boom length up to 4 m

Working load Outreach [ m / ft ]
SWL [kg] 1 / 3.8 2 / 6.56 2.5 / 8.2 3 / 9.84 4 / 13.12
    XL XL
500   XL XL    
630   XL      
800   XL